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Rusty Car #14 (thanks Matt)

Rusty Car #14

6 Responses to “Rusty Car #14 (thanks Matt)”

  1.   rusty Says:

    Matt is hopefully in the process of sending me the GPS coords…

  2.   rusty Says:

    My guess is that this was a 2 wheel drive Ford pickup – they’re the only ones that have that goofy twin i-beam front suspension

  3.   rusty Says:

    LAT 50 38.65’0″ N
    LON 120 23.97’0″ W
    Altitude 573m

  4.   Matt Says:

    This was in the hills above pineview on coal hill. it was amongst other ruins which might have been part of the mining operation. we also found a collapsed building, rusty mattress, drilling samples and a weasel!

  5.   muds Says:

    Damn! must have had a load of Knapweed seed in the back when it crashed.

  6.   newroadsgm Says:

    How do you find all these? Great idea for a blog.

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